21. -23.3: To Research & Exhibit Human Biological Diversity conference

We are pleased to welcome you to the “To Research & Exhibit Human Biological Diversity” conference. Oslo, march 21. -23. 2018race900

This international meeting marks the opening of the exhibition “FOLK - from racial types to DNA sequences” and the end of the research project “From racial typology to DNA sequencing: 'Race' and 'ethnicity' and the science of human genetic variation 1945-2012”.

The conference aims to foster cross-disciplinary dialogues on the following themes arising from historical and contemporary research on human biological diversity:

- Historical continuities and discontinuities.
- Transnational science and local identities.
- Normative issues and historical responsibilities.
- Instruments of governance and commercial ventures.
- The role of museums in collecting, preserving and communicating practices and objects related to human diversity.

At this conference more than 25 invited scholars from the humanities and social sciences, geneticists and evolutionary biologists, physical anthropologists, as well as museum professionals will present papers that discuss both scientific and museum practices.

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

Looking forward to seeing you in Oslo! 

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology
Kjelsåsveien 143, 0491 Oslo
March 21. -23. 2018

Download abstracts here (Pdf).

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18:00 FOLK - from racial types to DNA sequences - official exhibition opening and public lecture “Racism and the role of science in the politics of assimilating the Romani people in the Norwegian welfare state” Per Haave, University of Oslo



10:00 WELCOME: Ageliki Lefkaditou and Jon Kyllingstad

10:05 VIDEO PRESENTATION: John L. Jackson Jr, University of Pennsylvania, "Race: What social constructionism got to do with it?"

10:10 SESSION 1, chair: Åsa Larsson

Astri Dankertsen, Nord University. "Some people are whiter than others. Race biology, Sami physiognomy and discomfort in a Sami context."
Erika Hagelberg, University of Oslo, "The origin and survival of the Rapanui (Easter Islanders)"
Mark Jobling, University of Leicester, "Genetic approaches to Viking ancestry"
Sarah Abel and Gisli Palson, University of Iceland, "Decoding unwritten pasts: Genomics as a lens"

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 SESSION 2, chair: Hallvard Fossheim

Ammos Morris-Reich, University of Haifa, "From pre-1945 racial sciences to post-1945 genetic studies: the role of ethical norms and conventions"
Terje Emberland, Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities, "The Nordic Idea. Scandinavian racial research and National Socialist Ideology. The case of Halvdan Bryn, Hans F. K. Günthter and Heinrich Himmler"
Per Haave
, University of Oslo, "Racism and the role of science in the politics of assimilating the Norwegian Romani people"
Ricardo Roque, University of Lisbon, "The future that never was: colonial collections from the Anthropological Missions"
Sigrid Lien, University of Bergen, "Sámi people and northern landscapes as seen through the expedition photographs by Sophus Tromholt and Roland Bonaparte"

15:30 BREAK

16:00 SESSION 3, chair: Jon Kyllingstad

Amade Aouatef M’charek, University of Amsterdam, "Tentacular faces and generous methods for studying race"
Hans K. Stenøien, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - University museum, "Genetic studies of the history of Trondheim".
Ramya Rajagopalan, "Genomics and precision medicine: The shifting registers of 'population' and 'race' in the clinic"
Richard McMahon, University of Portsmouth. "Resurecting raciology? Genetic anthropology and pre-1945 anthropological race classification".

18:30 DINNER

20:00 SCREENING OF Sameblod (2016) / Open exhibition FOLK / BAR


09:30 SESSION 4, chair: Erika Hagelberg

Ageliki Lefkaditou, University of Oslo, "The journey of FOLK: On the making of a museum exhibition"
Evelyne Heyer, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle - Musée de l'Homme – Paris, "Us and them - from prejudices to racism"
Gazi Øzkan, Intercultural Museum, "The exhibition 'Typisk dem' and prejudices"
Torhild Skåtun,The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, and Dagny Stuedahl, OsloMet, "The sound of FOLK - Participatory design of a museum activity" 
Tracy Teslow, University of Cincinnati, "Race and culture: Science exhibitions in two mid-20th century United States museums"

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 SESSION 5, chair: Ageliki Lefkaditou

Abigail Nieves Delgado, Ruhr University Bochum, "From Austrian racial anthropology to Mexican criminal identification: Mapping the impact of Rudolf Pöch’s facial classification"
Anna Tunlid and Maria Björkman, Uppsala University, "Genetic diversity in the fetus: examples from Swedish medical genetics and genetic counselling 1950-1980"
Jon Kyllingstad, University of Oslo, "From racial typology to population genetics? Concepts of race and the Swedish State Institute for Race Biology in Uppsala, 1930-1950"
Hallvard Fossheim, University of Bergen, "The burden of the past"

15:30 BREAK


The conference is supported by The Research Council of Norway/Norges forskningsråd


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