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Other information:

Dr. Ageliki Lefkaditou is senior curator at The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology and a historian of science. At the museum, she is the lead-curator of the exhibition “FOLK – from racial types to DNA sequences”. Ageliki writes on the history of physical anthropology and human population genetics research, race, and racism from the late nineteenth century to the present with a special focus on Greece. Her research interests include the development of museum theory, methods, and practices, as well as science communication. Ageliki received her first PhD from the Department of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and is currently completing her second PhD in the history of science at the University of Leeds. In 2014-17, she held a 3-year postdoctoral research position in Oslo with the project "From racial typology to DNA sequencing: 'Race' and 'ethnicity' and the science of human genetic variation 1945-2012". She has recently published the papers: a) ‘“That wonderful people”, Darwin, the Victorians, and the Greeks’, Journal of Modern Greek Studies, 36 (2018), pp. 97-124, and b) ‘Observations on race and racism in Greece’, Journal of Anthropological Studies, 95 (2017), pp. 329-338. 

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