Updated 9 February 2021


The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology has 13 000 sqm to explore. Keeping a 2-meter distance is no problem, if you plan your visit. Welcome to a safe and exciting museum full of playful learning for big and small!

Generell info

  • There can be a maximum of 900 visitors inside the museum at one time and 50 in the auditorium (science shows). This can mean queuing on popular days.

  • To avoid congestion, we recommend arriving early, or after 13.30 on weekends and holidays. Note! Weekend activities often start early and require registration at the reception. Don’t miss anything – see the schedule here!

  • Be aware that on rainy days there is often a crowd. If you visit on a day when the weather is nice, you can combine your visit with a swim at Frysja, or a walk in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Akerselva river.


We take all precautions to ensure visitors are as safe as possible. For this reason, some changes have been introduced that visitors will notice. Read about these at the link below: “During your visit.”

This mainly means that some exhibits and installations have been taken out of use, and changes have been made in others to adapt them to good infection control.

This applies, for example, to some installations in the Vitensenter, which have been removed or changed, and all touch screens, which have been switched off or put in info mode.

Below we describe our most important infection control measures, and what you can and should do to demonstrate care for others while you are with us.

Should there be anything you wonder about during your visit, we will be happy for your feedback to the reception (tel. +47 22 79 60 00) or by email.


Before your visit
  • The museum has a large, free parking lot, but it can quickly fill up on weekends and bad weather days. We therefore encourage you to walk or cycle if possible. The walking route from the city center offers scenic surroundings full of history.

  • Due to the maximum number of visitors, there may be some waiting time outside the museum, at the exhibitions, or at certain installations. We ask for your understanding of this.

  • We encourage everyone to make their visit at days and times when there is the least rush. As of today, this is:

    o The first hour of opening hours

    o The last two hours of opening hours

    o Days with nice weather

    o Early in the week rather than late/weekend
During your visit
  • Note: If people experience symptoms during their visit, they must leave the building. A sickroom is available until departure is arranged. Contact the reception. Remember to keep your distance and touch as little as possible.

  • Read and follow advice from posters about handwashing routines and cough hygiene.

  • Keep 1 meter away from others.

  • Be aware if there is a queue or a cluster of visitors, for example at the checkout, the entrance, and the café. Pay attention to your immediate surroundings!

  • We encourage contactless payment by card, “tapping,” or VIPPS.

  • Sanitizer dispensers are available to all visitors, who are encouraged to use them before, during, and after their visit to the exhibits.

  • Cleaning throughout the museum, and especially on contact surfaces, has been strengthened during the pandemic.

  • Lockers and wardrobes are closed. Bags can be placed in the locker area at your own risk.

  • The museum encourages all visitors to enter without extra baggage or equipment and to leave things in the car if possible.

  • In the shop: Visitors are encouraged not to touch things unless you wish to buy them. Please keep a good distance here as well, and use contactless payment. Sanitize your hands both before and after the visit to the shop.

    Items without packaging have been removed. Mørkerommet (the Dark Room) in the shop is closed.

  • In the café: Keep 1 meter distance from other customers. Do not touch what you are not going to buy. Sanitize your hands both before and after your visit to the café.

  • The stairwells and some public areas will have one-way circulation – follow signs.

  • Attraction trails in the museum lead visitors on one-way routes.

  • Staff on each floor are available to answer your questions and to inform the public if there is a need for it.

  • Certain activities and installations are closed as infection control measures. See list below.

  • All areas used for program activities are cleaned between each session. The activities are also adapted to infection control and we will ensure that good distance is maintained between guests in the activity areas.

    See the daily program for which activities apply on the day of your visit. The activity program can be found online: tekniskmuseum.no/program and on screens in the museum.

  • Vitenshow: Max. 50 people. Come early! Registration at the reception; one name per group is requested with contact information for contact tracing purposes. Read about our privacy policy here. Certain seats will be blocked off.

  • Activities and installations closed for infection control reasons
    • Teknoteket and TeknoLab (located in Vitensenter)
    • Astroamfi and Planetarium (located in Vitensenter)
    • “I blodet” (In the blood), entire area (located in Vitensenter)
    • EnergiTivoli, entire area (located in Vitensenter)
    • Klossekroken (located in Vitensenter)
    • Porsche is off limits (located in Vitensenter)
    • Løpebanen (located in Vitensenter)
    • Reaksjonstid (Reaction time, located in Vitensenter)
    • Lastebil  (located in the Transport exhibition)
    • Citroen (located in the Transport exhibition)
    • Flyet (the plane, located in Vitensenter)
    • Touchscreens in all exhibitions are switched off or locked in info mode. We encourage you not to touch these.
After your visit

The museum encourages anyone who has visited the museum and gets diagnosed with Covid-19, to report it to us on tel. 22 79 60 00. Should we receive such messages, we follow our own procedures including the involvement of the infection control team in the district.

We thank all our guests for your help in this challenge. Should you have any questions regarding your visit, please contact us here.


  • Keep 1 meter away from others.

  • Do not touch museum objects or other surfaces without sanitizing your hands before AND after.

  • If you need to cough or sneeze: Cover your mouth and nose with a paper towel and throw it away immediately, or use your elbow.

  • Avoid touching your face: Your hands can transmit the virus from your mouth, eyes, and nose.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before, during, and after your visit.

  • Avoid handshaking and hugging.

Kontakt oss

Norsk Teknisk Museum
Kjelsåsveien 143
0491 Oslo

Tlf: 22 79 60 00
Org. nr.: 979676832

E-post: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.
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Tlf: 22 79 60 60
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