Lasse-Marc Riek

Lasse-Marc Riek​ (born 1975 in Germany) uses field recording as a means to capture andexplore acoustic ecology, bio-acoustics and soundscapes. Since 1997, he has operated internationally,staging exhibitions and concerts, releasing recordings, and delivering lectures and workshops. Diversevenues have hosted his performances: galleries, art museums, churches and Universities. His work hasfeatured on public media, including public radio channels. He has received scholarships andparticipated in artist-in-residence programs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is co-founder ofthe label Gruenrekorder, which since 2001 has concentrated on soundscapes, field recordings andelectro-acoustic compositions and works in these contexts with artists and scientists on aninternational level.

Geraldine Vanspauwen

Geraldine Vanspauwen​ (born 1995 in Brussels), is part of the poetry and philosophy collective BRAAK,where she curates poetry magazines and evenings that bring together sound, word and performance.Looking for a way to connect her interest in philosophy and sound, she has recently been researchingthe concept of noise. Through both philosophical questions and (field and electronic) sound research,she tries to better understand changes in her environment and her own perception, and exposeschallenges within a society. Through personal stories and diary fragments, she wants to evoke moreuniversal experiences and introduce people to the intensity of our collective actions, the aesthetics andthe disruptiveness of our man-made constructions, and use sound as an active driving force.

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