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22-07-2019 - 28-07-2019

Week 30: July 22–28

Summer workshop: Make a paper rocket and see how far you can launch it! Make your own kite: Is it too heavy or too light? Is there enough wind? Run with your kite and watch it get airborne! 

Join our drawing workshop where we draw human skulls and talk about what research on humans involves. Learn simple programming that controls robot musicians and make music with the world’s first remote-controlled micro:bit orchestra! Astronomy Show: Is there life on other planets? What will happen to our sun? How does a space rocket work?

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11:00 pm - 06:00 pm
29-07-2019 - 04-08-2019

Week 31: July 29–August 4

Did you know that the Norwegian word “trikk” (“tram”) is derived from the English word Electric? Or that there is a Troll in the North Sea? Join our guided tour and learn more about how things were in the old days.

Experience the Moon expedition and hear the exciting story about the race to the Moon in 1969 told by our mediators guiding you through the Moon landing – 50th anniversary exhibition. 

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11:00 am - 06:00 pm
05-08-2019 - 11-08-2019

Week 32: August 5–11

Summer workshop: “My plant helps” with ByVerkstedet. Build your own planter box and plant pretty flower seeds. Make a paper rocket and see how far you can launch it!

Join in printing flowers: Print bee friendly flower patterns on your clothes or a tote bag. We supply vinyl and a heat press. Bring what you have, design the prettiest flower, and then we print!  

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11:00 am - 06:00 pm
12-08-2019 - 18-08-2019

Week 33: August 12–18

Are there aliens on the Moon? Or are we alone in the universe? If not, what do aliens look like? Do they look like you and me? Join us and make real aliens out of felt!

Hidden women: Does technology belong to the men’s world? Many of the museum’s objects date back from a time with limited employment opportunities for women. We emphasize stories about women that have been hidden behind stories of men, which have been considered to be of greater importance.

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11:00 am - 06:00 pm

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